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General Terms and Conditions


1. Betting rules


1.1 The betting company accepts bets on the outcome of sporting and other events with a deliberately unknown result, including the use of telecommunication networks.
1.2 Every time downloading the client’s application, regardless of the use of the media resource (via Internet or mobile services), by opening an account and using an existing account, betting or participating in any games, taking any prize, the client confirms his agreement with the current version of the Rules and the obligation to act in accordance with these Rules.
 Anytime a user downloads the client, registers an account, uses an existing account, bets on any games, takes any winnings, etc., this signifies the User’s agreement and obligation to act in accordance with the current rules.
1.3 LoveBet has the right to make any changes and additions to the rules set forth herein, the provisions and procedures of payments without an individual prior written notice. Users are notified about this with appropriate announcements. The conditions of previously staked (placed) bets remain unchanged, and bets which are accepted are subject to the posted rules at the time of acceptance.
1.4 LoveBet reserves the right to refuse service to any person without disclosing the reason(s).


2. Policy of site use


2.1 LoveBet does not bear any responsibility for any losses or damages claimed as resulting from the use of this site or from its content. This provision equally applies to the use or misuse of the content of the site by any person, inability to access the site or use it, to delay in functioning or transmission of data, failures in communication lines, any errors, misprints or omissions in the content of the site.
2.2 Loading photos and video from the website or its sub-sites is permitted only for private use. Publication, transmission or reproduction of this data for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.
2.3 LoveBet monitors the traffic of its website actively and reserves the right to block access in cases of suspected automated betting (bots).


3. Glossary


3.1 Basic terms accepted in this edition of the rules:
“Handicap” – the advantage or the leeway of the entrant of competition, expressed in goals (points) sets, etc., which is provided by the bookmaker office to the entrant with bets on it. The result of the event subject to the handicap is determined in this way: the handicap given to the entrant is added to the corresponding result shown by the entrant in the competition. If the results thus obtained are in favor of the selected entrant, he is considered as a winner and the bets on his win subject to the handicap win. Payments are carried out with the coefficient of winnings indicated in the description of bets. If the result is in favor of the opponent – the bets are lost. If the result subject to the handicap is a draw, then the coefficient of winnings under such a result will be equal to 1 (return of the bet).
“Chain” – bet which is a combination of “single” bets including events independent from each other. The sum of a single bet of chain‘s each event is equal to the sum of the chain. The client is given a chance to determine independently the order of the bets included in the chain and stake only on the first event of the chain. Thus the concept of “chain account” is imported. After the tournament of every single bet included in the chain, the sum of that account is calculated. Initially, it is equal to the sum of the first bet. If the sum of the chain account is less than its initial sum, the chain’s next event’s single bet is calculated by the account balance. The procedure of chain’s calculation depends on the order of bets mentioned in the given ticket but not on time. The sum which remains on the account after calculation of all bets in the chain is a subject to payment. If the sum of the chain account reaches zero – the chain breaks and is considered to be lost.
“System” – a set of “express bets” of a particular set of events. Each combination of the system is calculated as a separate express bet. To win in the system it is sufficient that the indicated number of predictions of the total number be correct (it is defined by name, that is, for example, in the system “3 of 4″ it is necessary that 3 of the 4 predictions prove correct, for “5 of 7″ it is necessary properly to predict the outcome of the five events of 7 options, etc.). It must be taken into account that because of the fact that only a part of the total bet amount is specified on each of the expresses of the system bet (proportional to the number of options) then the winnings by such a system bet will be less than the possible general winnings by the express bet. In some cases, when not all outcomes are predicted, the number of winnings may be less than the amount of the bet, but in contrast, to express bets, a part of the amount will be offset on account of correctly predicted outcomes.
“Express” – this is a bet on the outcome of several different events simultaneously. When you place a bet on the outcome of two or more events (for example, two different football matches), you can unite them in “Express”. To win an express bet it is necessary for you to not have any failed predictions (losses) on any of the outcomes which are included in the Express. Loss on one of the outcomes of an express bet means loss throughout the entire bet. Winnings of the express bets is equal the product of the bet amount at the coefficients of played outcomes included in the express (if on one of the bets included in the express occurs a return, then the coefficient on it equals to 1).
“Single” – a bet on a single event;
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